Should my Bridesmaids all have the same Makeup and Hair?

There is a common thought that is debated on the look of the Wedding Day...Should all of the Bridesmaids have the same look or let them pick their own?

There are pro's and con's to both so before the debate starts, I'll let you know the most common thoughts here.


Having the "same" makeup and hair for your Bridesmaids has a lot of pro's the most essential being time. Time? Yes, time. When getting ready on a special occasion with multiple people with multiple personalities/requirements/ideas etc. it can eat up time. One person may take longer and another shorter and if all goes according to plan, everyone still leaves on time. When everyone wants something different, I add a buffer time just in case we run over in time.

The same isn't actually the "SAME" everyone is completely different, whether it is their skin tone, face shape and hair type...even if you were to get the same style or colours, you all look coordinated but never the same.


One con about getting the same look for everyone, is that without the freedom to choose their own look, you may get some resentment (for the record, I've personally never seen this but it's a thought) from the Bridesmaids if they have to pay for it themselves. It might have to be a gift to them from you, if you decide on a specific look that you want.


Pro's - everyone gets what they want. Makeup and Hair can be a very personal affair. To give your Bridesmaids this personal freedom shows a great amount of trust that they'll (hopefully) go along with the general theme of the Wedding day.

Again the only real con we come back to is time. If you have a

particularly picky Bridesmaid wanting a custom look, it can eat away at the artists time. It is also a hazard if the Bridesmaid is unprepared and doesn't know what they want until they sit down in the artists chair.

In the end you know your Bridesmaids, these are the closest ladies to you. Judge for yourself how well these ladies are when it comes to their makeup and hair choice. Will they all be happy with a similar look? Will they be prepared with the individual looks if they don't? All of it is wonderful and just a small part of your big day and as long as we get you all to the ceremony on-time looking and feeling amazing. Then we have done our job well.

Chat soon,


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