The Truth Behind a Bridal Trial

Scary title right?! It's ok, I promise. A lot of people have misconceptions about what the purpose of a trial is and what actually goes on. This will explain everything and why a trial is important for special event.

Getting to know each other.

First and foremost a trial is about getting to know your artist and your artist to get to know you. Everyone is different and has different needs and perspectives. Sometimes while we try to our best to get in sync with a client, we might just clash. This will put a damper on your actual event day and nobody wants that. This is the most fundamental part of hiring any artist, be it makeup, photography etc etc.

Knowing what you want.

Do you know exactly what you want for your Wedding day? If you do great but there is something really important to understand....not every face can pull off every look. If you have a good artist they will tell you exactly what will work and what won't and adjust accordingly to try and make your vision customized to your face. This is sometimes unnerving "What do you mean, I don't look exactly like Taylor Swift?!". Well you don't, but you are uniquely, beautifully you, and if you like her eyeshadow, we can make you look amazing in those colours/shape all by yourself.

Can they do your face/hair?

Now most artists can do most faces/hair, however, it has been known to not go as planned. It's not particularly anyone's fault if they tried but just might not be a great fit. Maybe there's a communication error between you or maybe the artist doesn't have the right products for you.

Getting an idea.

Probably about 70% of the time, the trial and the Wedding day look get changed. The client changed their mind, they cut their hair, the temperature is now humid. What ever the situation, the hair and makeup will never be a 100% replica of the trial, it is just to get an idea of what you want vs what is your best look.

The bottom line.

At the end of the day what you get out of a trial is much more than just a hair and makeup sesh.

You get to know your artist. Do you like them? Do you like their ideas? Did you communicate well? Are you happy? These may seem like trivial questions but on your Wedding day you want the confidence to know what will happen and let it run smoothly. Of course artists will spend the extra time on the Wedding to make sure everything is perfect but without a trial it's guess work.

Ultimately we love to make you happy and that's what a trial is for, connection, preparation and relaxation.

Chat soon,


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