Meet our Bride: Rana

Being a Bride-to-be is a wonderful adventure! With the day on it's way, it's nice to receive some advice from ladies who have recently walked down the aisle. I have had the good fortune of beautifying some lovely women willing to share their Wedding day experiences and share their advice with you. Here is Rana's story...

Tell us a little bit about you and your new husband? Tom and I met in 2005 at a part time job. He used to be my "boss" and we used to work together. I knew I'd end up with him from the beginning. We finally started dating in 2009 and got engaged in 2014, and got married in 2015. What was your favourite part of the day?

My favorite part of the day was the when I was getting ready. Family members' excitement and happiness gave such an amazing vibe to the whole day. I loved seeing my parents so happy and super anxious about the day. What was the moment when you realised “Oh my God. I’m getting Married today?” When I got up on the morning of the wedding day, I said to myself "Wow, I'm getting married today to the man of my dreams!" I barely slept the night before due to excitement and when I woke up, I had a huge smile on my face. If you could plan it all again, is there anything about organising the day that you would change and why? If I had to do this all over again, I wouldn't change a single thing. I loved and enjoyed everything on that day, and I don't regret anything about it. Everything went smoothly, my guests had an amazing time, and my husband and I really enjoyed their company. My vendors went above and beyond to make my day super special and I was very satisfied with their work. The day wouldn't have been perfect without them.

What advice do you have for other women planning their Wedding day? Give yourself plenty of time for planning your wedding. Make sure to consider minor costs when you're setting a budget for yourself. Those are the ones that add up and stress you out the most. When deciding on vendors, pick those that you are most comfortable with and you can talk to easily. It is very important to be able to tell them what you want, and for them to understand your needs.

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