What to look for when Hiring an Artist

Hiring an artist in any field isn’t a simple task and, specifically, makeup artists are flooding the industry daily. It all sounds well and good to get your friends-cousins-sister to do your makeup and hair because she’s "into that" and watches YouTube tutorials a lot, however, this is your Special Day. When you pay so much for a photographer, videographer and a beautiful dress, you want to look amazing from head to toe. Here are the tips to make sure you hire the right artist for you….

Do your research.

Does the artist have a webpage? Reviews? A Facebook page? Any kind of reference? Unless you know the artist personally stay away! Every artist should have something to show what they are capable of to be able to adhere to your needs.

Ask Questions.

Ask lots of questions! If you have a reputable makeup artist they won’t mind at all, us artists love to chat about the products we use all day! Ask as many questions as possible, ask about the products used, styles you’re interested in and any concerns you may have. You want the artist that suits you, and you them, the only way to know is to get to know each other a little.

Sometimes a "bargain" isn’t a bargain.

That $50 Kijiji posting of the makeup artist does look appealing but remember stage 1. Do your research – why are they charging so little? Is it because they are just starting out or because they don’t have the qualifications to do what they claim. Unfortunately artists get a lot of their work stolen and claimed by someone else as their work. Consult stage 2. Ask questions about the reference images and everything that comes to mind. That will separate the pro’s and the amateurs.

Love your artist.

As much as most artists are versatile to the needs of their clients, we all have specialties and things we LOVE to and things we don’t love so much. I personally love to do hairstyling with a vintage twist and am not a fan of contouring for wedding events. So if you as a client LOVE the Kim Kardashian look, I may not be the artist for you but there may be an artist to do exactly the look you love.

However, if old Hollywood glamour is your jam then I’ll be over the moon to be there. It’s all about finding the artist that reflects you and what you want your look to be.

You’re allowed to be picky, it’s your special day and it should be you that walks into every room feeling and looking like the most beautiful woman in the world. Moreover, the more you love the look we give you, the happier you’ll be and the happier we’ll be.

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